• Х. Годлевски Варшавский Технологический Университет


 Broadly understood digital media significantly facilitated access to information. E-publishing, e-books, tablets, readers go far beyond the term „book on demand”. These areas are constantly evolving and improving.

Observed tendencies in production of the books, a decrease of order size while maintaining the typical character of the industrial processes, both these things misguide the development of the books manufacturing. Sooner or later the changes in the books manufacturing will be inevitable. It should be expected that the printed book will become a elite good due to the growing cost and low demand for such products. The solution to this challenges may be decentralization of book production based on new relatively cheap automatic devices, guaranteeing high operational reliability and high product quality. Small bookbinding sites offering a wide range of bookbinding services from brochure binding to artistic binding, libraries and printing houses can be the places of implementation of such processes.