• E. Ruchaevskaia Minsk Radioengineering College of BSUIR


The current stage of the development of society poses a whole range of fundamentally new problems to the education system in the Republic of Belarus, caused by political, socio-economic, ideological and other factors, among which the need to improve the quality and accessibility of education should be highlighted. Increasing academic mobility, integration into the global scientific and educational space, the creation of economically optimal educational systems, increasing the level of corporate education and strengthening links between different levels of education, both higher and secondary special. One of the effective ways to solve these problems is the introduction of pedagogical innovative technologies. Improvement of technical means of communication has led to significant progress in information exchange. The emergence of new
information technologies associated with the development of computer facilities and telecommunications networks has made it possible to create a qualitatively new information and educational environment in the radio engineering college as the basis for the development and improvement of the education system.