Digital Entrepreneurship in Finland – a Narrative of a finnish digital Entrepreneur

  • Reija Anckar


The aim of this paper is to conduct a pilot phase study and shed a light on digital entrepreneurship in Finland.
This study combines theoretical and statistical information on digital entrepreneurship in Finland and Europe with a narrative of a Finnish digital entrepreneur. The research objective is to analyze how this Finnish digital entrepreneur characterizes and manifests his entrepreneurship in comparison to the data.
The framework used for the analysis is Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor. It is collected and published by the project Growth of European Union (2016) in order to stimulate and cultivate digital entrepreneurship. The monitor creates a knowledge base and offers a monitoring mechanism to investigate key trends of digital entrepreneurship. The central statistics comparing digital entrepreneurship in Europe and in Finland are

1) Digital knowledge base and ICT Market

2) Digital business environment

3) Access to finance

4) Digital skills and e-leadership

5) Entrepreneurial environment.


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