Women in print: a special case study

  • Katalin Orgován Pátria Printing House Co.
Keywords: gender equality, statistical analyses, women in leadership, women in print, impact of women on business performance


The author - who is a woman, a printer and senior manager holding several positions - was recently influenced that motivated her to examine the situation of women in the printing industry more deeply and scientifically. Initially, she focused on Patria Printing House, the company she managed as CEO. The research puts emphasis on examining the proportion of women working at the company in total, and also in management positions. There was a question as to whether this diversity influences the company’s effectiveness, so the subject of investigation is whether the development of balance sheet profit is related to the activities of female managers. Over the past 10 years, the ratio of the printing company’s balance sheet profit to sales revenue has consistently increased. From this, it is not possible to draw the conclusion that this was due to the positive effect of the proportion of women in management, but it can be concluded that efficiency has not deteriorated. The question of equal pay for the same position, without gender discrimination, is important. It was also established that gender discrimination does not apply in manager positions at the company. While for the company as whole, the average salary of women is below that of men. This may also be explained by the fact that men occupy different positions from women.


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