Better representation of the limits of RGB and CMYK colour spaces

  • Christian Greim Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
Keywords: sRGB, Adobe-RGB, PSOcoated_v3, CMYK, Colourspace-Borders, CIE-Yxy, CIE-Luv, CIE-Lab


Limits of RGB colour spaces are normally displayed as triangles in the CIE Yxy colour space. This type of diagram has the advantage that additive colour mixtures from two light sources actually all lie in a straight line. But CIE-Yxy colour space does not have uniform colour distances. So, a representation in other colour spaces with better equal spacing, such as CIE-Lab, shows better how good or bad the colour spaces really are.
Limits of an offset CMYK colour space were usually determined only at the six corners of the primary colours and the first-order mixed colours in CIELab. It is much more meaningful to determine the limits of the most saturated colours in 10% increments.
The new visualisations were created using the Python library The possibilities and limitations of this library will also be briefly explained


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