Mokslo taikomieji tyrimai Lietuvos kolegijose

Peer-reviewed scientific journal “ Mokslo taikomieji tyrimai Lietuvos kolegijose” (Applied Research at the Colleges of Lithuania) (ISSN 1822-1068, eISSN 2335-8904) has been publishes annually since 2004.  The journal is funded by state budget and  Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences. Publishing of the articles is free of charge for the Lithuanian colleges’ researchers and students (those in co-authorship with the researchers from other institutions included).  

This is a multidisciplinary research journal containing original research articles (nor published anywhere else before) that belong to the humanities, social, physical,  biomedicine and technology and agriculture research areas. The languages of the journal are Lithuanian, English and Russian.  Each article is evaluated by at least two reviewers. Authors are recommended to improve the articles according to the reviewers’ remarks or to provide arguments, if they do not agree with them. The final decision is made by the editorial board. Articles published or presented to other journals before are not accepted.  The responsibility for the originality of the contents lies on the author/s. they are asked to sign a letter of guarantee.

More detailed information about the journal, published articles, requirements for the articles, the forms of a letter of guarantee, review, front page are available in the website of the journal: